Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Hate Cooking!!!!!

Last night I watched the movie Julie / Julia on tv. It was very inspiring....and yet, very depressing.

In the last month I have been forced to think about what I could do, or would do now. You can read all the self help books, look at all the fuzzy warm feeling poster sayings, but ultimately you have to get off your butt and just do it. Having said that, finding that motivation can be really hard...ask me, I know. Will it come as an epiphany? Do I just have to keep trying different things? Will my fabulous husband have a brilliant idea for me?  It's difficult, at best, to find your next step in life.

I posed a question to my friends last month, 'What would you do, if you couldn't do what you did anymore?' That question and a few of life's curveballs has started me on a journey to answer just that. After watching the movie last night I was inspired to throw more nets out and try some different things (and to be a little more diligent with our blog). It was also a bit depressing because it hits home with just how much I hate to cook!!

I wish I liked to cook. It would make a pretty cool endeavor to cook my way through some book or website. Or make like the movies and do cooking classes with my husband or something else creative with cooking. But I just can't do it. I don't like it. Never really have. When (notice I said when) I win the lottery, my first splurge is going to be to hire a cook! With that being said, I decided there was something I'm good at & LOVE to do....I LOVE TO BAKE!!!

If I like you, I'll bake for you. Baking is my language of love. Athough sometimes that depression sets in and I just don't feel like doing anything. But I also find that if I bake it can usually pull me out of my funk. So my inspiration from last night's movie is to share my 'secret' recipes with you and the world. I don't expect a movie or book deal out of this but I do hope this gives you some secret weapons for your baking aresenal. And maybe it'll help me find another 'path' on this journey through my life.

Happy Baking!!

The Momma Doll

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