Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Baby Shower

 I thought it would be nice to start off showing you guys the very first official event we put together, my baby shower. Of course, since I was the guest of honor, I had little to do with putting the pieces together. Mom and Skye were the orchestrators after some theme and detail guidance from me. With inspiration from this shower and this shower, we decided on a Divas & Diapers theme with flowers, pinks, white, and silver to color our space. It was so much fun planning! It really turned out how we pictured it. We even included the boys. They spent there time by the pool, bbq-ing steaks and drinking, while us girls ate petite treats and fondu inside. 

Mom and Skye had a great time drumming up decorations and diy goodies. Everything was plated on beautiful milk glass or crystal, creating the extremely girly look we wanted. We added touches of sparkle everywhere we could. Touches like little votive candles with gems on them or the glittered Eiffel Tower Skye made herself. The great-grandmas even got in on the work, making treats and the ruffle cake.

Yummy food is a must for any party. We had chocolate and cheese fondus with anything you can imagine for dipping. It's important to satisfy the sweet and savory palettes (especially when the mommy-to-be can't get enough savory).

 We tried to stay away from the standard games one might play at these showers. Instead, we opted for simple things people could do on their own time that we could take home a keepsakes for baby. We set them up in stations all around the place, in separate rooms, so no one place was crowded. We had this beautiful lighted tree that people hung well wishes and advice from. 

We also had a room designated for onesie, bib, and sock decorating. The younger guests really enjoyed this particular activity.

As Thank You favors, we made individual marionberry pies in small canning jars. Just a square of pretty fabric placed under the ring before screwing it on and voila, a delicious memento they could enjoy later.

The hubs and I had a lot of fun and have so many wonderful memories of that time spent with friends and family. Plus, all the decorations went home with me for the baby's nursery! That was a particularly special gesture since we had almost no budget or time for her nursery. I'll post about that project soon.

The shower was a success and really amps me up for all the opportunities to create special events coming my way. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted about each of them and where I draw my inspiration. xoxo, Saybher


  1. Mommy Doll here...I had the most wonderful time taking the inspiration blogs & turning this shower into something she would love. One of my main focuses on the decorations was that they were all easily transferred to use in the nursery. Double duty made sense...or cents if you will.

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