Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!!!

Happy New Year y'all! Welcome to 2012 and welcome to our first resolution realized. We have been talking about doing this blog for quite some time, and with the new year finally here we have decided to stop talking and start doing. We look forward to sharing our interests (which are widely varied, as you can guess by our title), adventures, and lives with all of you. So bear with us as we begin this journey. We leave you and our very first post with our resolutions for 2012 and would love to hear about yours. Lots of love from us Dolls!

Saybher's Resolutions
1.  Blog, Blog, Blog! Do it!
2.  Drink more water
3.  Lose last 5 pounds of baby weight (of course, right?)
4.  Visit some place new, preferably a new country
5.  Document Everley's every milestone, even the subtle ones
6.  Party! And do it BIG!

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