Saturday, March 24, 2012

This one's MINE!!

So I upcycled this pretty little fine china dish. It has pastel blue flowers on the scalloped base dish and light pink flowers on the upper dish, I connected them with a beautiful crystal candlestick...then I fell in love! My intention wasn't to keep it but after it was done it was soooo pretty I couldn't bear to part with I'm not. This one's mine!!!

But I made another one!! Just for you (if you want it)!

A little different plate design, but also very pretty. It was made with fine china plates and a crystal candlestick too. The base is plain white with a little diamond pattern on the edges and the top plate has tiny pink flowers on it.

I used mine on my vanity and topped it with a deep green little punchbowl cup to hold my lipgloss. Then I filled it with my rings, bracelets, watches and hung earrings off the edge.

You can use yours for jewelry, or candles, or candies, or mini cupcakes (as shown).

I'll be listing this for sale soon on our shopping page, but until that gets running live you can purchase this by messaging us here on our blog or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Happy Crafting!!

Momma Doll

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