Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baking & Blogging!! Treats for our Furry Friends

As many of you know I love to bake. Everytime I step into the kitchen to appease this love of mine, Prada, our yorkie goes crazy. She has a wonderful sniffer & can tell that Momma's got treats. Especially when the peanut butter comes out!! So I decided that I needed to try out some recipes for our furry friends.

I made these little biscuits with peanut butter, corn meal, whole wheat flour and chicken stock. The recipe said it was supposed to be crispy but they turned out on the softer side...but that's exactly how Prada likes them. Well, that or even just the dough.

Today I'm taking some of them to coworkers to give to their furry friends too. I'll get back to you...Let's see how they do.

But let's not forget about Joey! She's Skye's kitty, but when Skye's gone (which is often) she attaches herself to me. While I was baking Prada's doggy treats I busted out the kitty treat recipe too. These treats have tuna in them...of course! I'm also sending some of these to work for Mr Switters (a coworkers kitty). I hope Mr Switters enjoys them as much as Joey does.

Happy Baking!!

Momma Doll

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