Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gimme some cake...plates

Random colors of spray paint and Loctite Epoxy glue are all the supplies you need

Well, another one of my many obsessions as of late is making adorable cake and cupcake stands from thrift store gems. Why? Because they are stupid simple to make and friggin cute to just have all over. I use them for all sorts of handy things, not just the obvious use their namesake might suggest. They make great displays for jewelry or holiday decorations, and can liven up a boring tablescape in a pinch. Besides, for $0.29 for a base and $0.59 for a plate, why not?! Less that $1 to make me happy and feel productive and creative is a bargain as far as I can tell. I'm sure I'll use them all eventually...maybe. For your viewing pleasure I've put together a few easy peasy ones to show just how simple, yet varied, they can be. Hopefully they get your diy pulse racing.

 Random plates and candlesticks/bases
A few of the final results 
I stocked up on these plates! They are flat all the way out to the edges, no large lip like most plates. 
What used to be a chipped copper candlestick is now a pop of hot pink happiness.
This base screams retro....and swivels!!!
An elegant stand with cover (another thrifted gem!)

All it takes is some good glue and spray paint to create your one-of-a-kind treasures. I like the two part epoxy that you squeeze and mix from Loctite (it does smell to high Heaven so make sure you have ventilation). Just paint, or leave it be, and glue together. Be sure to find the center when gluing otherwise you'll have a stand that doesn't stand when you put any weight on it. And I recommend at least 48 hours to cure before using. Also, if you opt to spray paint the whole piece, it may be prudent to use a clear protective coating spray paint to help prevent chips and scratches and keep them in good shape over time. I always put a piece of scrapbook paper down before I lay a cake on it. Paints chips don't make the best garnish and I plan on using these for a while to come. 

xoxo, Saybher 

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