Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mug Muffins - Day 3.

I'm home from work late tonight and I don't have a ton of time to get all the projects in that I would have liked to (I'm working on a few others for ya too). But I HAVE to get my mug muffin post in. And I haven't given it a lot of thought during work to come up with tonight's flavor. I was asking my hubby what flavor I should try tonight and as I picked up my printout of mug muffin recipes one word caught my eye....NUTELLA!!! Who doesn't loooooove nutella? That was a rhetorical question - and if you really don't, there may be something wrong with you.

Nutella it is!!

It's so quick and easy and once you have the base recipe memorized (it doesn't take much), it's even easier!
Base recipe (please refer to Day 1 post) plus 3 Tbsp Nutella. That's it.
I mixed in the Nutella but didn't completely combine it. You can still see some of the original batter color. No biggie. If you want, mix it up better than I did.
I'm still fiddling with the cooking times on each of these recipes. I decided to go for the full 1 1/2 minutes, but it needed about another 20 seconds. At 1 1/2 minutes it was like a soft brownie consistency rather than a cake or muffin....AND THE FLAVOR!!! mmmmmmm....ok, both hubby and I agreed, this one's a keeper!
After turning it out onto a plate, it also does not hold it's shape (finished cooking it to 1 minute 50 seconds). It also looks a little more cake/muffin texture microwaved at the longer time. Either way it's really yummy

Hope you'll give it try too...

Happy Baking!! 
Momma Doll

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